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Navigating Love in the New Normal

Relationship Mastery Summit


Relationship mastery is not an easy skill. Many of us don’t have the tools, practice, or knowledge needed to communicate better, change behaviors or make good decisions. Add a pandemic to the mix and those challenges multiple.

This is why the Relationship Mastery Summit was created. The one-of-a-kind pandemic relationship experience is for everyone – whether you’re in a relationship, searching for one or recovering from one.

Led by Author and Relationship Mastery Coach Jamie Hirsch, this collaboration joins some of the nation’s top relationship and love experts in a virtual one-day event focused on love, fulfillment and gratitude.

Over the past decade, she has worked with renowned mentors like Tony Robbins, Kristin Neff, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Nathaniel Branden, and David Hawkins and developed her own relationship mastery and personal development brand. Today, Jamie brings her unique gifts to her work in human psychology, mindfulness, and human consciousness.

Sparked by the depths of despair, attachment and curiosity, Jamie developed this relationship journey of love and human connection specifically for these challenging times.

Note: A portion of ticket will support Evolve Parenting, a nonprofit organization that provides workshops, education, and meaningful connections to families, to support parents in becoming “evolved” in their early parenting, and children to become the greatest expression of themselves possible.

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